Chibita that lost his front legs in an accident.

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“It is an unheard-of, the cat has been living with prosthetic front legs. His legs were trapped in steel and both legs became necrosis. Chibita can’t move his body by himself and it’s impossible to walk by him, so it was predicted that ‘life-long care and support’ is necessary. However, because of the keeper’s unconditional care and with the help of prosthetic legs, miracle happened and vital energy started to flow on his small body.
His keeper was advised by a vet to do “euthanasia” or to cut both legs but the keeper told himself, “I won’t let him die even if he needs care all his life”.
This is a miraculous story of a paralyzed cat that started to regain vital energy on his small body.”
—–Source of Quote:YouTube—

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